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  • Treat Your Horse Like an Elite Athlete
  • Peak Performance Nutrients strives to provide the very best in feed supplements and health products for horses of all disciplines. Since 1997, these products have been developed based on the belief that horses should be treated like elite athletes. Elite athletes do not need added sugar to slow them down or fillers to interfere with nutrient absorption. They do not need feed grade ingredients with higher levels of heavy metals or carrier ingredients. Instead, your elite equine athlete needs sugar and filler free supplements made with food grade ingredients to ensure peak performance and health. They also need the superior formulations from the equine performance supplement specialist, Peak Performance Nutrients, Inc.
  • Sugar Free Horse Supplements
  • Excess sugar or carbohydrate intake over a period of time can cause insulin resistance, a condition similar to Type II diabetes in humans. Constant high levels of unused insulin in the body can lead to loss of weight, loss of muscle, lack of stamina and laminitis. Because of these issues, all of our products are formulated without using any sugars or "sweet flavorings."
  • Filler Free Horse Supplements
  • Feeding filler free supplements provides several benefits. Fillers (such as alfalfa) are often used to enlarge the dose size giving the impression that horse owners "are getting more for their money" when in fact they are feeding less active ingredient per serving. Since horses have lower nutrient absorption rates, these fillers can interfere with the absorption of the active ingredients.
  • Horse Journal Ratings »
  • Two of our products, Ex Stress and Perfect Balance Electrolite, have been named "Product of the Year" by The Horse Journal. Additionally, seven of our products have been recommended and twelve products in all have been favorably reviewed. Since 1997, Peak Performance Nutrients has been formulating and manufacturing award-winning, effective products.
  • We Are the Manufacturer »
  • All of our energy is spent researching and manufacturing supplements. Nothing else. Because we are the manufacturer, we have total control over the quality of our raw materials, the cleanliness of our GMP compliant facilities and the accuracy of our products so you can rest assured you are purchasing a quality product for your horse.