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Aches & Discomfort
Equine supplements to support horses with aches & discomfort caused by training and exercise
Allergy Support
Equine supplements to support horses with seasonal allergies along with those in dry, dusty conditions
Anhydrosis Support
Effective anhydrosis support for horses in high temperature, high humidity environments
Concentrated sugar and filler free equine antioxidant formulas for immune system support, and the elimination of free radicals
Blood Values
Concentrated equine formulas to provide support for normal blood values.
Breathing Support
Powerful equine products to support normal respiratory function for both daily and pre-event use
Stressed horse? Our equine calming formulas provide support for focused and productive training in even the most stressful situations
Digestion Support
Equine digestive formulas to support healthy gut microflora for energy, attitude, weight management and more
Electrolyte Balance
Rehydrate your horse with properly balanced, sugar and flavor free equine electrolyte formulas
Help keep your horse fresh to finish the event stronger with our concentrated daily and pre-event formulas
Event Paks
Powerful pre-event paks for performance horses
General Health
From individual ingredients to complex formulas these high quality equine supplements help balance feed rations and vitamin deficiencies
Hoof Health
Comprehensive, sugar free formulas to help horses with dried, cracked hooves
Joint Support
Premium sugar free formulas providing effective joint support for all horses as well as those that are glucose intolerant & insulin resistent (IR)
Kidney Support
Concentrated equine supplements to support normal kidney function in exercising horses
Lactic Acid Support
Performance equine supplements to support muscle recovery, preservation and growth during intense activity
Liver Support
Purify, cleanse & perform. Our equine liver support products provide support for normal liver function
Lung Support
Our daily & pre-event concentrated formulas provide effective lung and capillary support in exercising horses
From show horses to race horses, our concetrated sugar and filler free multi-vitamin formulas are designed with relentless attention to the details
Muscle Support
Endurance, strength & recovery. These equine muscle supporting formulas provide ingredients to promote long term, lean muscle mass on exercising horses
Finish the event stronger with our powerful pre-event equine formulas for energy, endurance & performance
Recovery Support
Feed exercising muscles into growth and repeair for rapid recovery after the event
Tying Up Support
Concentrated support for exercising horses that have fatigued muscles and are prone to tying up